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App crashes when u try to enter Gallery

Takes too long to load...

I couldn't get past signing up. It took too long to load.

Too rudimentary

This is a very basic app with simple designs to choose from. It doesn't come close to achieving what I thought it would. Not enough customization like drawing tools. I'm sure it's okay if you just need something simple.


Some icons from 3rd parties. It's okay.

Games inside

Need a graphics designer, not games. Thanks anyway.

Free, good, but can be improved

Pros: free, easy to use, fully customizable (color, gradient, add shadow, change fonts/size, even can break an element into parts and re-arrange them). You can register for free to download a large icon. Very compact little tool! Cons: not high resolution on iPad Pro. Maybe it's optimized for iPhones. And the operation is a bit slow (could be my iPad almost full). ?: I have not downloaded the final design, so do not know what's it like on computer, but I have high expectation on it! The ad issue? Not a issue for me, but I would be glad to have a pay to remove ad option. Looking forward to updates! Good job!

Great app

The app is the best I've used out of all that are free.... Problem with ads? Come on guys, if it's free there has to be ads lol. I made a logo for my fishing page and it looks sick!

The ad placement is terrible

This is one of the better free logo maker but I don't appreciate the ads taking up the whole screen and on top of that the ads that have sound turns of music that I'm playing. I understand here needs to be ads since the app is free but they shouldn't take up the entire screen and me having to hit x to remove them. Why can't they be small?


Great app to design my logo for @pro_shotz66358 on Instagram. Just wish you could use a drawing tool and the imported pictures would actually show up.

Won't Let Me Sign-Up

Made a design, tried to sign-up for an account to get the larger version but this app will not let me sign up. When I go to push the "sign-up" button both happens. Did all that work for nothing.


Seems like a great app. Opened right up. Easy to use. Easy to learn. Plenty of creative options, free downloads, and customization. BUT... Tools crash continuously and my design deletes and goes back to template without touching anything. I'll keep the app and hope an update fixes the many glitches.

App stinks

This app is horrible it won't let me do anything DO NOT GET IT

Nothing to see here

I deleted it after about 3 minutes of downloading. Very limited in logos and most aren't worth using, nor is it easy to use. Move along, nothing to see here.

Awesome App!!!

Great app!! If I could give it more than 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I would!

Great app!!!

Probably the best free app ever in the world!

Best Free App!

I am always skeptical about "free" apps because more often than not they are nearly impossible to use because of too man ads. This is a great app that is truly free and had zero ads, awesome!

Great new app

I needed a quick graphic design app to create a logo for Tumblr. This offered me everything I was looking for. I'm excited to find more reasons to use this.

Help please!

It crashes every time im using it. Besides it is to slow i can not work like this after minutes of waitinh for changing a font it crashes and i lost all my work so far please update and fix this


Doesn't work freezes up and just is crap

I love that its free...but...

I have completed a design a few times and every time I attempt to download and send to my email, the email is blank. There is nothing to download. While its easy to create and design a logo, it does me no good if I can't actually access the image in the email to save to my tablet.

Love it...but...

Really great tool for some basic logo needs. I'd love to get some more options in the music category. For instance, it'd be really great if all basic instruments were in there (i.e. guitar, drums, piano, etc.) I know there's a sax and a piano in there somewhere, but I can't search specifically for them. And for some reason, they are not under "music" in the app either. You have to scroll through the ready made logos and Frankenstein them out for use. Like I said, love it, but I'd really love a few more options. Great start.

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